About MC & DJ

The MC and the DJ are two of the pillars of hip-hop music and culture. A culture that has endured for more than 40 years and remains one of the greatest selling musical genres of all-time and the last true American-made art form.

For Quentin Holmes, his love for the culture was sparked by the words of Public Enemy, he was moved to his core. “Those voices that could speak truth to power,” he says of the legendary rap group. “The power to just engage and spark enjoyment, or even promote healing. I knew very early on that hip-hop would take over the world.”

A Michigan native turned California transplant, Holmes also names Tupac Shakur as one of his inspirations. The late rapper/actor combined something that remains a driving force of hip-hop: The ability to make dynamic poetry, but also rock a party.

That duality is what makes MC & DJ so unique. It celebrates the power of every wearer to find their own voice.

“I can live the best life I can, and speak up for what I want, or what I want to see in this world,” Holmes vows. “That is what I want this collection to do. To inspire the voices and celebrate the sound.”