Meet MC and DJ Streetwear

What is your name and what city do you rep?

Quentin Holmes (known to his friends as Q) is a Flint, Michigan native turned Long Beach, California transplant.


Tell us about your latest releases, what inspired you to create them?

MC & DJ | Brand Launch: November 2020

My love for hip-hop music and culture inspired me to launch MC & DJ —a premium streetwear line that celebrates my nostalgic love of the legendary music genre.

Designed for the intersection of MUSIC x CULTURE. MC & DJ is a celebration of the global voices & sounds that move us. Hip Hop began with the sound. But it was the addition of the voice that turned it into a worldwide phenomenon.


When did you realize you were going to create your own clothing brand?

As the world was locked down due to the pandemic and Stay at Home Orders, I was inspired by D Nice’s Club Quarantine (IG Live DJ Sets) and Swiss Beats x Timberland’s VERZUZ (IG Live Battles) to create a streetwear line that celebrates the VOICES x SOUNDS of Hip Hop MUSIC x CULTURE that move us. 


What inspires you to create your own company?

I like to describe myself as a “Mission-Minded Creator.” MC & DJ is actually my second apparel line. My first line, At Wear, was built off the classic hip hop line – it ain’t where you from, it’s where you AT. At Wear was founded in 2003 (2003-2008). The streetwear brand immediately took off gaining national acclaim and was featured in several national media outlets including, Slam Magazine, Dime Magazine, Long Beach Press-Telegram,, and the feature film, The Reunion. “I am a person who draws upon my life experiences to create dope brands that have a purposeful mission.”


What type of music do you listen to?

Hip Hop and R&B 


What do you do when you're not running your business (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about? 

Beyond dope streetwear, I love to write. In 2009, I developed a preteen multicultural children’s book series called the Real Street Kidz. Since 2009, the Real Street Kidz Multicultural Book Series has brought a much-needed voice and powerful cultural influence to the preteen book genre (ages 7-12).  The lifelong lessons of hard work leading to success that Quentin learned during his upbringing are beautifully illustrated through his characters. The theme of teamwork echoes at the very heart of the entire series, calling on preteen readers to embrace these indispensable lessons. Likewise, the main characters in Johnny Skip2 and Sporty Lou bring vital multicultural characters to life, but this time for his younger readers (ages 3-6). Both picture books; like their Real Street Kidz predecessor, diligently seek to inspire, embolden, and entertain a brand-new generation of children. Learn more at:


Happiness to you is… 

…using my God given time and talent to create and take care of my family and be a blessing to the world. 


What do you wish you were told when you first started that you think would help other entrepreneurs just starting out?

From 911, to 2008 Financial Crisis, to the current worldwide pandemic – only one thing is certain – change. Therefore, you need to be flexible, invest wisely, never stop learning/growing and always innovate. Your ability to adjust and innovate will determine your success. As Nipsey said, it’s a marathon. 


Tell us about your upcoming projects...

I recently launched two new collections. 

VOICE Collection | Express Yourself 

SOUND Collection | Good Vibes

-Target: Men x Women

-Products: Premium T x Hoodies 


Where do we find you products?


Any last words for the readers?

The MC and the DJ are two of the pillars of hip-hop music and culture. A culture that has endured for more than 40 years and remains one of the greatest selling musical genres of all-time and the last true American- made art form.

My love for the culture was sparked by the words of Public Enemy and I was moved to my core. Those voices that could speak truth to power. The power to just engage and spark enjoyment, or even promote healing. I knew very early on that hip-hop would take over the world.

That duality is what makes MC & DJ so unique. It celebrates the power of every wearer to find their own voice.

I can live the best life I can, and speak up for what I want, or what I want to see in this world. That is what I want this collection to do. To inspire the voices and celebrate the sound.